Starting at BWPS

Foundation transition sessions are being held at Boronia West Primary School during Term 4 2020. There will be 4 classes for students to enjoy and more importantly to get to know their teacher, principal and other students.




We are very proud of our transition program. This program begins in October and runs for 4 sessions.


Session 1 - Explore our School/PE Games
Session 2 - Art Room
Session 3 - Technology
Session 4 - Literacy/Numeracy



Please click here for our latest handbook.


To start primary school your child must turn five years of age, or older, by 30 April of the year that they will start school.

Enrolment Requirements - to enrol your child we will need:

  • evidence of your child's date of birth
  • names and addresses of the child and parents, guardians and carers
  • parents' phone numbers (home, work, mobile) and email addresses
  • names and contact details of emergency contacts
  • doctor's name and phone number
  • Immunisation Status Certificate
  • health and welfare information - for example, does your child have asthma, diabetes, allergies, poor eyesight or hearing?
  • evidence of specific custody arrangements
  • information about the language/s your child speaks and hears

School staff will provide you with the appropriate enrolment forms and will organise an interpreter if required.

Do not hesitate to visit our school office, or call on 9762 2510, if you have any queries.


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